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We help drive meaningful impact.

Your Trusted Sustainable Finance Partner.


Gain critical, independent, and research-based insights for policies, strategies, and day-to-day operations. Benefit from expertise in risk management, future-proofing, and value creation to navigate complex business landscapes and drive sustainable growth.


Experience support in all phases of any transaction, from pre-SPOs to investor roadshows: fixed income, IPOs, raising equity, and M&A. Benefit from strategic planning, asset pool evaluation, due diligence facilitation, and post-issuance reporting. A fast-paced, robust, and smooth process.


Leverage experience and unique perspectives for data analysis and information processing, enhancing decision-making with deeper and fresher insights into risks, opportunities, and market developments.


Build capacity for issuers, financiers, bankers, traders, investors, asset managers, regulators, and intermediaries. Empower current and next-generation professionals with the skills and knowledge to excel in an evolving sustainability and financial landscape.


How can we help you? Harness our sustainable finance expertise acquired from deep financial, corporate, policy, and sustainability experience across all labels, including green, social, blue, and sustainability-linked. We help you move faster, better, and more confidently in meeting complex challenges.


Benefit from versatile advisory roles leading to overall project success, ranging from project management to guiding in-house experts and management and collaborating with other advisors, such as law firms, accountants, investment bankers, and capital market teams. If we don't fit your project now, we can call upon our extensive network to guide you in the right direction.

About Us

Our vision is a sustainable and inclusive future where finance drives a harmonious balance between the environment, societal needs, and economic activities, with robust governance for a prosperous future for all. We exist to unlock the potential of those shaping a better world, driving meaningful impact for our clients and communities. Being independent, research-based, and having the highest professional standards, we aim to be the trusted partner, building enduring relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

The first ever Second Party Opinion (SPO) for the World Bank.


Sustainable finance transactions (frameworks, SPOs, financing).


Years of dedicated experience in the dynamic field of sustainable finance.


Countries our team has lived in throughout their lives.



Our dedicated team members, with their diverse skills, are united by a shared belief in finance's role in a sustainable future. Engage with professionals nurtured in an inclusive, learning-focused, and meritocratic culture, attracting and retaining exceptional talent and fostering their growth. Operating globally and rooted in our core values, we consistently deliver excellence.

Sustainability: We're committed to a sustainable future with finance as its engine. Trust: This is the cornerstone in all our relationships—with colleagues, clients, and collaborators. Excellence: We are dedicated to excellence, pushing boundaries, client deliverables, and success. Research-based: Our ethos builds on scientific processes and the best available knowledge and experience in a dynamic landscape. Growth: We foster growth for clients, communities, and colleagues—ours is a win-win-win philosophy.

Bjarni has 10 years of experience in corporate sustainability and 15 in financial markets. His international career spans the Nordics, Asia, the USA, LATAM, and Europe. He is passionate about the intersection of sustainability and finance. He is a corporate lawyer and has an MBA. He is also a Certified Securities Broker and holds an SCR from GARP.​

He is the former:

- Secretary of the Board of Arion Bank (Nasdaq:Arion)

- CEO of CS (acquired by KPMG)

- Head of Sustainability at KPMG

- COO of CICERO Shades of Green (acquired by S&P Global)
- Senior Operational Director/Manager at S&P Global (NYSE:SPGI)

Bjarni Herrera

CEO & Founder

Anna managed sustainability at a pharmaceutical company. She advised on shipping, transportation, social housing, and more. Her expertise is in management engineering with an additional focus on the human element, global health, social justice, and business psychology. She holds sustainable finance certification from Cambridge University and is a certified patisserie chef from the Institute Le Cordon Bleu.

She is a former: 

- Sustainability specialist at Alvotech/Alvogen (Nasdaq:ALVO)

- Sustainability specialist at Circular Solution (acquired by KPMG)

- Lead researcher on a book on sustainability and sustainable finance

Anna Jia


Knut wrote the first SPO in history for the World Bank’s 2008 green bond. He has over 15 years of experience in sustainable finance and 10 as a Special Advisor to the China Council on International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED). He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and has specialised in environmental economics for most of his career.

He is the former:

- Research Director, Statistics Norway

- Research Director, Strategic Director and Managing Director, CICERO International Centre for Climate Research

- Research Director, Institute for Energy (IFE)

- Special Advisor to CICERO Shades of Green (acquired by S&P Global)

Knut H. Alfsen

Senior Advisor

Isha has over 10 years of experience in sustainability and management consulting. Her global experience spans India and South East Asia, with expertise in assessment studies, market research, strategy, project design, and stakeholder management. She holds an MBA (sustainable finance major) from the Asian Institute of Management with an exchange in sustainable strategies at the National University of Singapore.

She is the former:

- Client Engagement Lead at pManifold Business Solutions

- Manager Management Consulting at PwC South East Asia

- ESG Manager at PwC Philippines

Isha G. Waghmare


Could this be you?

Graduating students, experienced professionals in transition, between jobs, or returning from parental leave—your interest is welcome. We embrace individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning big corporations to small firms, who share our core values. While a permanent role may not be available, there could be temporary opportunities. Reach out to Bjarni for a chat.

New job in sustainable finance


Where we offer actionable insights—read more here.


Global Association of Risk Professionals

Norway Sustainable Investment Forum


Partnerships, Associations, and Certifications. United in Excellence.


We give critical, independent, and research-based advice to your policies, strategies, roadmaps, and your day-to-day work. Our expertise lies in risk management, future-proofing, and value creation.


We assess your asset pool, investments and financing options. We help you with financing processes, and post-issuance, reporting and disclosures for a fast-paced, robust, and smooth process.


We use our unique perspectives to analyse data and information to assist your decision-making and give you deeper and fresher insights into risks, opportunities, and market developments. 


We help you build capacity for the current and next generation of issuers, financiers, bankers, traders, investors, asset managers, regulators, and intermediaries.


How can we help you? We are sustainable finance experts with deep finance, corporate, and sustainability expertise. We thrive on tasks that help you move faster and better, and become stronger in meeting complex challenges. Tell us about your needs to see how our wealth of experience, knowledge, and service offering fits your requirements. As your advisor, we can take on project management responsibilities or advise  your in-house experts and management, and work with your other advisors such as law firms, accountants, investment banks, and capital markets teams for the complete success of your project. We work across all labels, including green, social, blue, and sustainability-linked.

If we don't fit your project now, we can guide you in the right direction through our extensive network.

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